Knitting Fixes & Tricks


Knitting Fixes & Tricks


Knitting Fixes & Tricks  

Taught by Maggie Schnaars

Date:  Wednesday, April 18th

Time: 6-8:00 PM

Cost:  $20

Skill level:  All levels

Knitters often have questions about how to fix mistakes or "design elements", as we like to call them.  As a Knit Doctor, Maggie has seen several ways things can go wrong, from dropped stitches to reversed stitches, broken yarn strands, even cat chewing destruction.  This class is for the brave souls who would like to learn how to fix your knitting or knitted fabric.

Maggie will give instruction on how to:

  • pick up dropped stitches
  • undo and redo reversed stitches
  • graft broken yarn strands
  • re-knit edge stitches (if dropped or not slipped corectly)

If time allows, we will also touch on weaving in yarn ends, the mattress stitch for seaming, and grafting in a patch where a tear exists in knitted fabric.

Students will need to knit one 4"x4" swatch each in stockinette stitch and garter stitch patterns.  Please do not bind off these swatches off, but bring them in live on knitting needles.  Also, bring the following items:  yarn needle, scissors, two double point needles the same size as your swatches are knitted on, and removable stitch markers.

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