Founded in 2013 Rêverie is a boutique dedicated to retailing high-quality yarn, home decor, and gifts.



But, we strive to be more than that.

When the previous yarn shop in Goshen decided to close after seven years, Sher thought it may be time to move on from the yarn business. One by one, six new partners appeared, and the seeds of a new shop began to take root. Can seven women run a business together? Sher, Trish, Linda, Melissa, Kelli, Rose, and Marci think so

We seek to engage with our customers, offering a wide variety of events to tickle your creativity and inspire you. We strive to help you grow in soul and mind. Our staff share the vision of creating a beautiful space with quality products that are made to inspire. We value giving back to our community, both through acts of charity and being present and active within Goshen's thriving downtown. 

The definition of Rêverie is: daydream. Metaphorically, a gathering of wool, so to speak.

It is a shop of dreams.

Let our staff introduce themselves to you below!