Founded in 2013 Rêverie is a boutique dedicated to retailing high-quality yarn, home decor, and gifts.



But, we strive to be more than that.

When the previous yarn shop in Goshen decided to close after seven years, Sher thought it may be time to move on from the yarn business. One by one, six new partners appeared, and the seeds of a new shop began to take root. Can seven women run a business together? Sher, Trish, Linda, Melissa, Kelli, Rose, and Marci think so

We seek to engage with our customers, offering a wide variety of events to tickle your creativity and inspire you. We strive to help you grow in soul and mind. Our staff share the vision of creating a beautiful space with quality products that are made to inspire. We value giving back to our community, both through acts of charity and being present and active within Goshen's thriving downtown. 

The definition of Rêverie is: daydream. Metaphorically, a gathering of wool, so to speak.

It is a shop of dreams.

Let our staff introduce themselves to you below! 


The Rêverie Team

Portraits by Olivia Copsey


Rose Widmer
Gift and Decor Expert


Kelli King
Gift Expert

More About Kelli:

“I'm knowledgeable about several of the gift areas such as the cards, SACS soap, Paperblanks journals, candles, and some of the antiques. 

I love being surrounded by the yarn and all the colors, textures and fibers they are available in. In fact, I've enjoyed that so much that I've taken up knitting with the help of all my partners.

 My other hobby is gardening, flowers and perennials primarily, but my husband and I also grow a variety of vegetables. My professional life is as a dietitian/nutritionist at Vista Community Health Center in Goshen.”



Denise Devereux
Knitting Class Instructor and Gift Specialist

More About Denise:

Reverie_3-13-10 (1).jpg

Trish Habeggar
Knitting Class Instructor and Yarn Expert


Linda Altenhof
Customer Service and Knitting Expert

More About Linda: 

Linda retired in 2005 from a rewarding 28-year career as a Medical Secretary. After retirement, she attempted several different hobbies to occupy her newly discovered spare time. Sewing, scrapbooking and other activities were fun but didn’t provide the satisfaction she was looking for. In 2006, she saw a picture of Martha Stewart wearing a crocheted poncho, and absolutely loved it! She paid someone to make one for her and then realized that working with yarn might be the answer to her need for a meaningful hobby. Linda was already in her 50’s, but she wanted to try this craft. She learned to knit from some very good teachers and became more proficient than she ever thought she could be. The opportunity to become a partner in Reverie was offered and she accepted. Her partners are highly skilled knitters, but her specialty is excellent customer service. Linda truly enjoys engaging with Reverie’s customers and making sure they have a great shopping experience.


Maggie Schnaars
Knitting and Crochet Class Instructor and Designer

More About Maggie:

Maggie Schnaars (a.k.a. The Knit Doctor) has been a Goshen resident for 20 years. 

She knits non-stop, slowing down only to sleep. She enjoys being a partner at Reverie and assisting fellow crafters by helping them to improve their skills in big or small ways. 

Maggie teaches knitting, crochet, weaving, spinning, and felting (wet and needle).  Her favorite hour of the week is leading the Kids Knit Too! Class on Friday afternoons. Young crafters inject fun and laughter in her week